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Release Notes

General improvements



Patch installation progress bar A status bar now appears when launching Talend Studio to inform you in real-time on the progress of your patch installation.
JFrog Artifactory support upgrade Talend now supports JFrog Artifactory version 7.19.8.

Big Data: new features



Support of AWS EMR 6.2.x with Spark 3.0

You can now run Spark Batch, Spark Streaming and Standard Jobs on AWS EMR 6.2.x with Spark 3.0.
Note: There is a known issue for this feature related to the tRedshiftOutput component with Spark 3.0.1 and Scala (for Spark Streaming Jobs).
This feature is now generally available.

Support of Knox for CDP Public Cloud Data Hub on AWS

When you use a CDP Public Cloud Data Hub instance on AWS, you can now authenticate using Knox in the Spark configuration view of your Spark Batch Job with CDP 7.1 and onwards in YARN cluster mode. Knox allows you to provide a single point of authentication only using SSO.
Important: As it is a beta feature only, it is not suitable for production environment.

New option to merge multiple files into a single file for tFileOutputParquet

You now have the possibility to manage the final part files with tFileOutputParquet component in Spark Batch Jobs. The new option Merge result to single file allows you to merge the final files into a single file and then to put the files in a specified directory.

Data Integration: new features



Column name filter for ELT Map components

An Enable/disable column name filter button has been added on the upper right corner of the input and output tables in the Map editor of all ELT Map components, which allows you to filter input and output schema columns by their names.

Enhancement of SAP metadata wizard

An SAP HANA database connection parameter Db Additional Parameters has been added in the SAP metadata wizard, which allows you to provide additional SAP HANA database connection parameters when setting up an SAP connection.

Enhancement in item export

  • The Export Dependencies option is now selected by default and the dependencies are exported by default along with the items you want to export.
  • A progress bar is now displayed when calculating dependencies for the items you want to export.

Enhancement of build settings

An Allow recursive jobs (Not recommended) check box has been added in the Build view in the Project Settings dialog box, which allows you to configure whether to allow using recursive Jobs in tRunJob components when building Jobs.

Warning: As recursive Jobs are likely to cause performance issues when building Jobs, use this option with caution.
  • For a newly created project, this check box is cleared by default to avoid performance issues.
  • For a project migrated from any previous version, this check box is selected by default for compatibility reasons.

Enhancement of the Schema editor of database components

The following two buttons have been added in the Schema editor dialog box of database components for editing Db Column names:

  • Uppercase/Lowercase Db column: converts the Db Column name of each selected column to upper case or lower case.
  • Add/Remove Quote on Db column: adds or removes the specified quote character in the Db Column name of each selected column.
  • The Guess Query function for database input components does not work when quote characters are added in Db Column names.
  • Adding quote characters in Db Column names with space characters may not work as expected for all databases for now.

tWorkdayInput: new authentication mode

tWorkdayInput provides now supports the SOAP - WS Security authentication mode for logging into Workday.

tSAPADSOInput: customizing additional JDBC parameters for SAP HANA connection

tSAPADSOInput now provides the Additional JDBC Parameters field, allowing you to customize additional parameters for SAP HANA connections, such as metadata for Advanced DataStore Objects.

tMicrosoftCrmInput: support for expand operation

tMicrosoftCrmInput now provides the Expand entity field, allowing you to retrieve expanded entity properties and write the properties to specific columns.

tS3Put: S3 object lock feature

tS3Put now supports the S3 object lock feature. You can also set the retention mode and retention period.

tRabbitMQInput and tRabbitMQOutput: message header-related features

  • tRabbitMQOutput now provides the Header properties field, allowing you to add and customize message header properties.
  • tRabbitMQInput now provides the Return headers option, which retrieves header information from received messages and stores the header information in the headers column.

tFileCopy: keeping the last modified time

The Preserve the last modified time option uses the last modified time of the source file as that of the destination file. This option prevents potential errors caused by last modified time.

Output components: behavior in response to insert and update actions

For output database components, in cases where all the schema columns are set as keys, the components now act in the following ways when performing insert and update actions.

  • Yielding an error and stopping the Job when performing an Update action. This is also the case when tAmazonMysqlOutput or tMysqlOutput performs an Insert or update on duplicate key or unique index action.
  • Yielding a warning message when performing an Insert and update or Update and insert action, without stopping the Job.

Such components include tAccessOutput, tAmazonMysqlOutput, tAmazonOracleOutput, tAS400Output, tAzureSynapseOutput, tDB2Output, tExasolOutput, tFireBirdOutput, tGreenPlumOutput, tHSQLDBOutput, tInformixOutput, tIngresOutput, tInterBaseOutput, tJavaDBOutput, tMaxDBOutput, tMSSqlOutput, tMysqlOutput, tNetezzaOutput, tOracleOutput, tParAccelOutput, tPostgresPlusOutput, tPostgresqlOutput, tRedshiftOutput, tSQLiteOutput, tSybaseOutput, tTeradataOutput, tVectorWiseOutput, tVerticaOutput.

New components

This release provides the following new components.

  • tNeo4jv4Connection, tNeo4jv4Close
  • tRabbitMQConnection, tRabbitMQClose
  • tFileInputParquet and tFileOutputParquet for data integration

Data Mapper: new features



New functions Five new functions have been added to Talend Data Mapper:
  • False to return a Boolean false.
  • True to return a Boolean true.
  • Abs to calculate the absolute value of a number.
  • Count to count the number of items in a sequence.
  • Modulus to return the remainder of a division.
Documentation The F1 shortcut and the Help buttons in the Mapping perspective now lead to the online version of the documentation.

Data Quality: new features



tRuleSurvivorship In the Advanced settings:
  • The t-Swoosh check box has been renamed: Input data generated with t-Swoosh algorithm. Select this check box when the input data comes from the tMatchGroup component using the t-Swoosh algorithm.
  • A check box has been added: Ignore the new master record from tMatchGroup. Select this check box to ignore the new master record that is added to the input data by the tMatchGroup component when it uses the t-Swoosh algorithm. This check box is selected by default when selecting the Input data generated with t-Swoosh algorithm check box.