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Configure and start using Talend Remote Engine using an AMI.

Before you begin

  • You have created a Remote Engine in Talend Cloud Management Console and are ready to pair it.
  • You have set up a VPC in your AWS account. For more details about VPCs, refer to the Amazon documentation.
  • You have an EC2 key pair set up in your AWS account. Create a new key pair if you do not have one that is ready to be used. For more information about how to create your key pair, see the Amazon documentation.

About this task

Using AMI, several options are available to finalize the Remote Engine configuration and launch it:
  • Launch through EC2 (recommended). Selecting this option allows you to define all the necessary parameters to run the Remote Engine, including its pairing, through a configuration wizard.
  • Launch from Website. Selecting this option allows you to specify the basic network configuration necessary to launch the Remote Engine. You will have to pair it manually.
  • Copy to Service Catalog. Selecting this option does not launch the Remote Engine but adds the configuration to your AWS Service Catalog.


  1. From the Talend Cloud Remote Engine for AWS product detail, select Continue to Subscribe.
  2. If this is the first time you use it, review and accept the Terms to be able to proceed with the next steps. The subscription process can take up to a few minutes.
  3. Click Continue to Configuration.
  4. Choose a Fulfillment Option. In this case: Amazon Machine Image.
    The other configuration fields of this page are pre-filled and offer a single choice. You can however select the Region you want.
    Screenshot on the configuration of the Talend Cloud Remote Engine for AWS.
  5. Click Continue to Launch.
    A new page opens, offering different options to configure and launch the Remote Engine. Follow the instructions corresponding to the mode of your choice.