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Launch a Remote Engine using an AMI through EC2.

About this task

You have selected Amazon Machine Image as fulfillment option and now need to choose how to finalize the Remote Engine configuration and how to launch it.


  1. Choose how to launch the EC2 instance: Launch through EC2 in this case.
  2. Click Launch.
    A configuration wizard opens.
  3. Select the AMI to use and click Next: Choose Instance Type.
  4. Select the instance type to use and click Next: Configure Instance.
    The recommended instance type is t2.medium.
  5. Fill the necessary details as you need.
  6. Expand the Advanced Details section of the configuration page and in the User data area, add the Talend Remote Engine pairing key and pairing URL as follows:
    • You can retrieve the pairing key from the Engine Details tab of the Remote Engine created in Talend Cloud Management Console.
      Screenshot of the pairing key retrieval from Engine details.
    • The pairing service URL depends on the region of your Talend Cloud account:
      • AWS US: pairing.service.url=
      • AWS Europe: pairing.service.url=
      • AWS Asia-Pacific: pairing.service.url=
      • Azure: pairing.service.url=

      The region is reflected in your Talend Cloud URL. For example, if your URL is, you must enter the corresponding USA value.

  7. Click Next: Add Storage and check the pre-filled storage options. If needed, change them as required.
  8. Click Next: Add Tags and configure tags. This step is optional.
  9. Click Next: Configure Security Group. Make sure to open port 22 and to select a Source.
    Screenshot of the configuration of security group.
  10. Click Review and Launch, then Launch.


A confirmation page opens, with a link to the instance.