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Talend Remote Engine Gen2 Quick Start Guide

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Installation and Upgrade

The Remote Engine Gen2 comes with several Docker containers.

  • remote-engine-agent

    Initializes and monitors the secure connection between the engine and the Talend Cloud services. It is used when pairing the engine.

  • remote-engine-client

    Establishes the bi-directional connection between your engine and the Talend Cloud services.

  • connectors

    Provides the component metadata and runtime support necessary for creating connections and datasets and for designing pipelines.

  • livy

    Manages the pipeline or preparation execution lifecycle.

  • data-streams-ee-previewrunner

    Computes live previews for pipelines.

  • component-server

    Centralizes the way processors, datasets and connections are developed.

  • component-server-vault-proxy

    Proxy supporting vault decryption for component-server.

  • dataset-api-server

    Component on which the Data APIs are deployed and run.