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In Azure DevOps you can create a variable group to store values that you want to control (URLs, credentials, etc.) and reuse them in all your pipelines.


  1. On the Pipelines > Library page, go to the Variable groups tab.
  2. Add a new variable group and give it a name.
  3. Add the following variables and values to the group:
    • updatesite_path: URL of the P2 server that contains the Talend CommandLine as well as the Maven plugins necessary to generate and deploy your artifacts. See Before scheduling the execution of your artifacts for an example of how to host the P2 archive on Tomcat.
    • nexus_URL: URL of your Nexus artifact repository where the third-party libraries needed to generate your project artifacts are stored.
    • docker_registry: URL of the Docker registry in which you want to deploy your artifacts.
    • docker_username: User name necessary to authenticate to your Docker registry.
    • docker_password: Password necessary to authenticate to your Docker registry.
    • talend_cloud_url: URL of the Talend Cloud service.
  4. Make sure the Allow access to all pipelines toggle is enabled and save.