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If you want to go further and implement a more efficient CI process, you have the possibility to only build the artifacts (Jobs, Routes, etc) that have changed since the last iteration of the build.

In order to do this, you will need to use an API to report the list of commits of a last Git push, the Azure DevOps API: Builds - Get Build Changes.

Before you begin

Retrieve the azure-pipeline-build_changes.yml script file from the Downloads tab of this page on Talend Help Center.

This script is an example to build the Job artifacts that have changed since the last build.


  1. Go to Pipelines > Builds.
  2. Click New pipeline.
  3. In the Connect and Select steps, select your source repository type, select the repository you want to import then give permissions to Azure to access it.
  4. In the Configure step, select Starter pipeline in order to configure the steps of your pipeline.
  5. In the Review step, paste the content of the azure-pipeline-build_changes.yml file you have previously downloaded.