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You can create as many test cases as you need for a Route, and manage your test cases in a similar manner like for normal Routes.

From the Repository tree view, you can:

  • Expand the Route to display all its test cases in the Test Cases view.

  • Expand the Route and select the test case of interest to show it in the Test Cases view.

  • Expand the Route and double-click the test case of interest to open it in the design workspace.

  • Expand the Route and right-click the test case of interest to open, run, open a read-only copy of, rename, or delete it.

For a Route that has test cases:

  • When importing the Route, you can selectively import one or more of its test cases together with the Route. However, you cannot export a test case without exporting the Route it was created for.

  • When working collaboratively, you can lock and unlock a test case independently of the Route for which is was created.

For more information on importing, exporting and building a Route, see Importing/exporting items and building Routes and Jobs. For more information on working collaboratively on project items, see Working collaboratively on project items.