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The following keyboard shortcuts are available in Talend Studio.

Shortcut Operation Context

Show context-sensitive help information in the Help tab view. In case of a component, if the Enable online help for components check box in the Talend > Components view in the Preference dialog box is selected, show its help information on Talend Help Center.

Global application


Show the Component settings view of the selected component

Global application


Show the Run Job view

Global application


Run the current Job or shows the Run Job view if no Job is open

Global application

Ctrl + F2

Show the Module view

Global application

Ctrl + F3

Show the Problems view

Global application

Ctrl + H

Show the Designer view of the current Job

Global application

Ctrl + G

Show the Code view of the current Job

Global application

Ctrl + Shift + F3

Synchronize components javajet code

Global application

Ctrl + Shift + R

Open the Open Resource dialog

Global application

Ctrl + Shift + J

Open the Find a Job dialog

Global application (on Windows)


Switch to Debug mode

From the Run Job view


Kill the current Job

From the Run Job view


Refresh the Repository view

From the Repository view

Ctrl + R

Restore the initial Repository view

From the Repository view


Refresh the Modules install status

From the Modules view


Open the New Context Parameter dialog to create a context variable

From the Components view

Ctrl + L

Execute SQL queries

Talend commands (on Windows)

Ctrl + Space bar

Access global and user-defined variables. They can be error messages or line numbers for example, depending on the component selected.

From any component field in Job or Component views