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If you do not define the connection parameter value in Studio,the parameter will appear in the Advanced parameters section of the task creation wizard after the artifact is published to Talend Cloud Management Console, instead of Connections.


  1. Define connection parameters under the Contexts node in the Repository tree view following the pattern connection_<application_name>_<parameter_name>, where:
    connection_ fixed prefix
    <application_name> variable for the name of the system to which you want to connect
    <parameter_name> variable for the name of the connection parameter

    Use lower case for single-word parameter name and use camelCase in multi-word parameter name, separating the words with 'underscore'.

    For further information, see Setting connection parameters.
  2. Publish the artifact with the context parameter to the cloud.
    Parameter fields are displayed when creating or editing the task in prompting web users at runtime to select the systems they want to connect to. If you do not define connection parameter in the artifact,
    All predefined context connections that are supported by default follow the naming conventions. For a non-exhaustive list, see Supported connections.