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When one project references another, all items in the referenced project are available for reuse. For example, you might want to create a library of reusable subroutines in a project. Or you might want to create similar project settings to reuse in other projects. By adding a project reference to the selected project, the settings of the referenced project are available for you to use directly from the selected project.

Below is an example of a Project2 tree view in Talend Studio.

As you can see in the above figure, all resources in Project1 and Project3 are accessible directly from Project2. The resources in the two referenced projects are in read-only mode: they are available for reuse but cannot be modified.

If you right-click a Job of a referenced project in the tree view, you display a drop-down list where you can select the type of action you want to carry out on the referenced project.

The table below describes available actions.



Read job

Open the Job in read-only mode.

Open another version

Choose another version, if any, for the Job in the referenced project and open it in read-only mode.

Open job hierarchy

Consult the Job hierarchy.

Edit properties

Open the [Edit properties] dialog box in read-only mode.

View documentation

Open detailed documentation of the selected Job in the referenced Project. This documentation offers: description of the referenced project, Job and Job settings, Job preview, the list of all components used and the list of the contexts used along with their values.

Impact Analysis

Run an impact analysis on the Job.


Make a copy of the selected Job in the referenced project.

Run job

Execute the selected Job in the referenced project.

Build job

Deploy and execute the selected Job in the referenced project on any server, regardless of Talend Studio.

Export items

Export repository items of the selected Job in the referenced project to an archive file, for deploying outside Talend Studio.


Items and resources in the referenced projects will always be up-to-date since the refresh option in Talend Studio will refresh EVERY item in the studio. However, the refresh operation could be quite long if you have too many references and items in each of your projects.

It is then preferable not to use very big referenced projects, especially if you use the database repository.