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Talend Data Quality Portal User and Administrator Guide

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The Talend Installation Guide will guide you through the steps of installing the portal.

To start Talend Data Quality Portal web application, do the following:

  1. Type the Portal address into your web browser as the following: http://[server address]:8580/tdqportal/ and press Enter on your keyboard.


    If Talend Data Quality Portal is installed on a port other than the by-default one (port 8580), make sure to include the correct port name in the address.

  2. From the home page of Talend Data Quality Portal, log in using tdq_user as username and tdq as password to access the web user interface.

    The figure below illustrates the web user interface of Talend Data Quality Portal.

The web user interface in the portal enables you to use many categories of analytical tools including: Reports, Analytical Processing (OLAP) and Custom Reports processes and Key performance Indicators (KPI).

For more information about Talend Data Quality Portal analytical tools, see Analytical tools.

You can generate reports on the results of profiling analyses according to your role and with the modalities previously defined in the parameter configuration by the administrator.

For more information about role assignments and access rights, see Roles and users and Roles and users.