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Talend Data Quality Portal User and Administrator Guide

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The toolbar to the left of the administrator page contains icons that provide you with quick access to commonly used operations.

The table below describes each of the quick access icons on the web user interface toolbar.



translates the administrator page into any of the available languages.

opens the online help.

closes the open instance of the web page and goes back to Talend Data Quality Portal login window.

The icons on the toolbar help you access different pages dedicated to set and configure Talend Data Quality Portal.

The table below describes the menus in the administrator page of Talend Data Quality Portal.



Resources ()

enables you to manage internal and external engines, data sources and data sets.

Analytical model ()

enables you to manage document details and user or group permission on documents.

Behavioural model ()

enables you to manage parameter values (LoV) and analytical drivers.

Menu Configuration ()

enables you to manage menu display in the end-user page and user permission on these menus, user permission on certain functionalities, the import/export of document templates. Through the Manage Configuration option of this menu, it is possible to do any kind of configuration on different aspects in the Portal.

Profile Attributes Management ()

enables you to manage roles and users of Talend Data Quality Portal.

User menu

enables you to browse documents and manage their execution.

Kpi Model ()

enables you to manage key performance indicators (KPI). Through the Grants Definition option of this menu, it is possible to give permission on different models in the Portal.