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If the first prerequisite to use document templates in Talend Data Quality Portal is defining the data sources where to get data, the second is to define the parameter values to be used in order to read data from these sources.

There are two types of parameter values: data sets and list of values (LoV). A data set uses a query to retrieve only one value from the data source. A list of values uses a query to retrieve several values from the data source. These values will be used as a list of possible values for a parameter.


You can use data sets only in the Openlaszlo dashboard templates for the time being.


Since LoV is used either to retrieve or produce values, different methods are available when defining a list of values and not only that of reading data from a data source. For further information, see How to create a list of values.

This way Talend Data Quality Portal uses data source and parameter definitions to get data and fill up documents at execution time.

Data sets and list of values are closely linked to roles. Depending on the roles you assign to end-users, they may have access to number of parameters when generating reports, dashboards, etc. For further information on managing access rights, see Managing access rights on menus and analytical documents.

For more information, download the SpagoBI quick start guide from SpagoBI Documentation at http://forge.objectweb.org/project/showfiles.php?group_id=204 or check https://wiki.spagobi.org/xwiki/bin/view/spagobi_server/.