How to add new menus in the user page - 6.3

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You can add menus or menu options at any level in the user page according to business needs.

Prerequisite(s):You have accessed Talend Data Quality Portal as an administrator.

To add a new menu or menu option in the end-user page, do the following:

  1. On the toolbar, click the icon and select Menu Configuration.

  2. Click an item in the Menu tree depending on the level at which you want to create the menu, sub menu or menu option.

    If you click Menu tree, you can insert a menu in the menu bar of the end-user page. If you click a first level or a second level node, you will add a sub menu or a menu option accordingly.

  3. Select Insert child. A new page is displayed.

  4. In the Name field, enter a name for the new menu option.

  5. If required, enter a description in the corresponding field.

  6. Select the View Icons check box if you want to display an icon next to the menu or menu option.

  7. From the Menu node content list, select one of the following options:




    associate an empty page to the new node. This option is usually used for father nodes.


    associate a specific document template with the new node. This option is usually used when you want to make it possible to execute a document template via the new node.

    Static page

    associate a static HTML page with the new node.


    associate several possible functions with the new node.

    The fields that follow vary according to the selected content type. In this example, you select Document.

  8. Click the icon next to the Related document field and select a Document template from the list to attach it to the new menu.

  9. Click the icon in the upper right corner of the panel. The new node is displayed at the defined hierarchical level in the Menu tree.

    You can now assign any of the existing roles to this new menu or menu option. For more information, see How to grant or forbid access on menus.