Scenario: Writing data in an .sav file - 6.1

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This Java scenario describes a very simple Job that writes data entries in an .sav file.

Setting up the Job

  1. Drop a tRowGenerator component and a tSPSSOutput component from the Palette onto the design workspace.

  2. Right-click on tRowGenerator and connect it to tSPSSOutput using a Main Row link.

Configuring the input component

  1. In the design workspace, double click tRowGenerator to display its Basic Settings view and open its editor. Here you can define your schema.

  2. Click the plus button to add the columns you want to write in the .sav file.

  3. Define the schema and set the parameters to the columns.


    Make sure to define the length of your columns. Otherwise, an error message will display when building your Job.

  4. Click OK to validate your schema and close the editor.

Configuring the output component

  1. Click tSPSSOutput to display its Basic settings view and define the component properties.

  2. Click the three-dot button next to the Filename field and browse to the SPSS .sav file in which you want to write data.

  3. Click the three-dot button next to Sync columns to synchronize columns with the previous component. In this example, the schema to be inserted in the .sav file consists of the two columns: id and country.

  4. If required, click Edit schema to view/edit the defined schema.

  5. From the Write Type list, select Write or Append to simply write the input data in the .sav file or add it to the end of the .sav file.

Job execution

Save the Job and press F6 to execute it.

The data generated by the tRowGenerator component is written in the defined .sav file.