Scenario: Retrieving a log message from an SVN repository - 6.1

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This scenario describes a two-component Job that retrieves the information of a specified revision from an SVN repository, and displays the information on the console.

  1. Create a new Job and add the following two components by typing their names in the design workspace or dropping them from the Palette: a tSVNLogInput component and a tLogRow component.

  2. Connect tSVNLogInput to tLogRow using a Row > Main link.

  3. Double-click tSVNLogInput to open its Basic settings view.

  4. In the URL field, enter the URL to the SVN repository to be accessed. In this example, it is Note that the login credentials provided here is for demonstration only.

  5. Select the Need authentication? check box and fill in the Username and Password fields with your authentication information.

  6. Specify a revision or revision range. In this example, we want to retrieve the information of revision 17090 only, so enter 17090 in the From revision field and select the Only this revision check box.

  7. Double-click tLogRow to open its Basic settings view.

  8. Define the way you want the output data to be displayed on the console. In this example, enter "\r\n" in the Field Separator field to display each field of the revision information in a separate line.

  9. Select the Print schema column name in front of each value check box to show the name of each field of the revision information at the beginning of each line.

  10. Press Ctrl + S to save the Job and then F6 to run the Job.

    As shown above, the information of the specified revision is displayed on the console.