Scenario: Updating Oracle DB entries - 6.1

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This scenario is based on the data aggregation scenario, Scenario 1: Aggregating table columns and filtering. As the data update action is available in Oracle DB, this scenario describes a Job that updates particular data in the agg_result table.

  • As described in Scenario 1: Aggregating table columns and filtering, set up a Job for data aggregation using the corresponding ELT components for Oracle DB, tELTOracleInput, tELTOracleMap, and tELTOracleOutput, and execute the Job to save the aggregation result in a database table named agg_result.


When defining filters in the ELT Map editor, note that strings are case sensitive in Oracle DB.

  • Launch the ELT Map editor and add a new output table named update_data.

  • Add a filter row to the update_data table to set up a relationship between input and output tables: owners.ID_OWNER = agg_result.ID_OWNER.

  • Drop the MAKE column from the cars table to the update_data table.

  • Drop the NAME_RESELLER column from the resellers table to the update_data table.

  • Add a model enclosed in single quotation marks, A8 in this use case, to the MAKE column from the cars table, preceded by a double pipe.

  • Add Sold by enclosed in single quotation marks in front of the NAME_RESELLER column from the resellers table, with a double pipe in between.

  • Check the Generated SQL select query tab to be executed.

  • Click OK to validate the changes in the ELT Mapper.

  • Deactivate the tELTOracleOutput component labeled Agg_Result by right-clicking it and selecting Deactivate Agg_Result from the contextual menu.

  • Drop a new tELTOracleOutput component from the Palette to the design workspace, and label it Update_Data to better identify its functionality.

  • Connect the tELTOracleMap component to the new tELTOracleOutput component using the link corresponding to the new output table defined in the ELT Mapper, update_data in this use case.

  • Double-click the new tELTOracleOutput component to display its Basic settings view.

  • From the Action on data list, select Update.

  • Check the schema, and click Sync columns to retrieve the schema structure from the preceding component if necessary.

  • In the WHERE clauses area, add a clause that reads agg_result.MAKE = 'Audi' to update data relating to the make of Audi in the database table agg_result.

  • Fill the Default Table Name field with the name of the output link, update_data in this use case.

  • Select the Use different table name check box, and fill the Table name field with the name of the database table to be updated, agg_result in this use case.

  • Leave the other parameters as they are.

  • Save your Job and press F6 to run it.

    The relevant data in the database table is updated as defined.