Scenario 3: Creating an ATOM feed XML file - 6.1

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This scenario describes a two component Job that generates data and writes them in an ATOM feed XML file.

Dropping and linking components

  1. Drop the following components from the Palette onto the deisgn workspace: tFixedFlowInput of the Misc component group and tRSSOutput of the Internet component group.

  2. Right-click tFixedFlowInput and connect it to tRSSOutput using a Row Main link.

  3. When asked whether you want to pass on the schema of tRSSOutput to tFixedFlowInput, click Yes.

Configuring the components

  1. In the design workspace, double-click tFixedFlowInput to display its corresponding Component view and define its basic settings.

  2. In the Number of rows field, leave the default setting to 1 to only generate one line of data.

  3. In the Mode area, leave the Use Single Table option selected and fill in the Values table. Note that the Column field of the Values table is filled in by the columns of the schema defined in the component.

  4. In the Value field of the Values table, type in the data you want to be sent to the following component.

  5. In the design workspace, double-click tRSSOutput to display its corresponding Component view and define its basic settings.

  6. Click the [...] button next to the File Name field to set the output XML file directory and name.

  7. In the Mode area, select ATOM to generate an ATOM feed XML file.


    As the ATOM feed format is strict, some default information is required to create the XML file. So, the schema tRSSOutput contains default columns that will contain those information. Those default columns are greyed out to indicate that they must not be modified. If you choose to modify the schema of the component, the ATOM XML file created will not be valid.

  8. In the Feed area, enter a title, link, id, update date, author name to define your input data as a whole.

Saving and executing the Job

  1. Press Ctrl+S to save your Job.

  2. Press F6 or click Run on the Run tab to execute the Job.

    The tRSSOutput component creates an output ATOM flow in an XML format.