TPS-4652 (cumulative patch) - 7.0

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TPS-4652 (cumulative patch)

Info Value
Patch Name Patch_20210122_TPS-4652_v1_7.0.1
Release Date 2021-01-22
Target Version 20180411_1414-7.0.1
Product affected Talend Studio


This patch is cumulative. It includes all previous generally available patches for Talend Studio 7.0.1.

NOTE: To download this patch, liaise with your Support contact at Talend.

Fixed issues

This patch contains the following fixes:

  • TPS-4652 [7.0.1] 7.0.1 TDM issue after patch TPS-4554 (TUP-30185)

This patch also includes the following patches:

  • TPS-4638 [7.0.1] Duplicate key on Talend Routine" when open any job after installing Patch_20201211_TPS-4554_v1-7.0.1.[TUP-25649]
  • TPS-4554 [7.0.1] Update studio certificates for signing of job items (TUP-29525)
  • TPS-4480[7.0.1] cawssqs fails in Runtime with error Could not find a suitable setter for property: amazonSQSClient (TESB-30694)
  • TPS-4024 [7.0.1] Random issue: Compile error for simple job sometimes (TUP-22484)
  • TPS-3975 [7.0.1]drool and survival flow cannot be imported correctly in another environment(TDQ-18286,TUP-21077)
  • TPS-3886 [7.0.1] Sometimes , the ZIP file created by a commandline PublishJob is not correct, missing item files (TUP-26233)
  • TPS-3920 [7.0.1] Code-> routine section does not allow user to edit "required" checkbox (TUP-24613)
  • TPS-3774 [7.0.1] Syncing of project and pom files doesn't happen initially (TUP-25951)
  • TPS-3766 [7.0.1][20200313] Duplicate method generated with tExtractDelimitedField (TBD-9903)
  • TPS-3706 [7.0.1] tExtractDelimitedFields component with “Check each row structure against schema” checked, data is rejected. (TBD-9688, TBD-9880)
  • TPS-3571 [7.0.1] Big Data Batch Spark job Cloudera Navigator lineage failing(TBD-9362, TBD-9789, TBD-9582)
  • TPS-3679 [7.0.1] 7.x missing local_project for big data spark batch job (TUP-23637, TBD-9729)
  • TPS-3608 [7.0.1] tImpalaClose component seems not to closing connection in subjobs(TBD-9491)
  • TPS-3665 [7.0.1] task failed when run a job on a reference project (TUP-20305)
  • TPS-3611 [7.0.1] Survivor rules are not getting imported when code is exported from local branch to remote branch (TDQ-17745)
  • TPS-3510 [7.0.1] tSAPBapi happen NullPointerException when call customer Bapi Function (TUP-24942)
  • TPS-3595 [7.0.1] Studio Pull and merge gives StackOverflowError and crashed(TUP-25234)
  • TPS-3441 [7.0.1] java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.slf4j.spi.LocationAwareLogger.log(TUP-24540)
  • TPS-3462 [7.0.1] [20191101] String Handling function produces extra quotes (TBD-9349)
  • TPS-3419 [7.0.1] "ClassNotFoundException: javax.mail.xxxxx" errors from route with tRunJob (TESB-26951)
  • TPS-3438 [7.0.1] Customer getting 'java.lang.ClassCastException: org.springframework.beans.factory.xml.SimplePropertyNamespaceHandler' exception in runtime (TESB-27030)
  • TPS-3377 [7.0.1] Projects are switched to read only mode while reconnecting the session (TUP-24272)
  • TPS-3354 [7.0.1] ClassCastException in runtime when build VMSpringDemo into runtime (TESB-22826)
  • TPS-3331 [7.0.1] Retrieve SAP Table doesn't work if HANA details are not filled in the table (TUP-20160)
  • TPS-3321 [7.0.1] Intermittent "ClassNotFoundException: javax.mail.Address" errors (TESB-25164)
  • TPS-3337 [7.0.1] tRESTRequest with Big Data components fails to start-up in Runtime (TESB-26685)
  • TPS-3264 [7.0.1] Unable to build route and deploy it in Talend Studio 7.0.1 (TESB-26376)
  • TPS-3233 [7.0.1] Unable to transfer JAR file to Nexsus 3 due to repository version policy: SNAPSHOT does not allow version (TUP-22490)
  • TPS-3239 [7.0.1] Error opening job: Unhandled event loop exception (java.lang.StackOverflowError) (TUP-20027)
  • TPS-3242 [7.0.1] job run well on studio but failed after build (TUP-21871)
  • TPS-3112 [7.0.1][20190705] Context variable Value in tELTHiveMap Map Editor(expression column) is not Set correctly at Runtime (TBD-8566)
  • TPS-3132 [7.0.1]tRun parallel error - ORA-01861: literal does not match (TDI-42325)
  • TPS-3213 [7.0.1]Job with component tSAPIDOCOutput not getting built (TUP-22804)
  • TPS-3170 [7.0.1]Big Data - No Data Mapper functions(TUP-23190)
  • TPS-3117 [7.0.1] twriteJsonField consumed 100% CPU (TESB-25705, TESB-25716 )
  • TPS-3103 [7.0.1]tELTOracleMap : wrong Generated SQL Select query after patch TPS-2944 (TUP-22649)
  • TPS-3072 [7.0.1]Connection Talend-SAS (TUP-20197)
  • TPS-3056 [7.0.1]tHiveMap- Unexpected SQL syntax for 'case when ...then....else' condition (TUP-22521)
  • TPS-3054 [7.0.1]Missing context files in Service's assigned jobs (TESB-25376)
  • TPS-3000 [7.0.1][Spark]Context variable issue for timestamp passed via tRunjob (TBD-8182)
  • TPS-3005 [7.0.1]Nullpointer on build job (TUP-21920)
  • TPS-3076 [7.0.1]Sometimes , the ZIP file created by a commandline PublishJob is not correct, missing item files. (TUP-21818)
  • TPS-3027 [7.0.1]Unable to publish to snapshot a route with routelet (TESB-24268)
  • TPS-2895 [7.0.1]Compilation Issue with BD Job (TBD-8193)
  • TPS-2988 [7.0.1]Talend jobs fails with "Duplicate local variable queryIndentifier" Error (TBD-7296)
  • TPS-2962 [7.0.1]Services no longer accessible ( NPE) after route deployment (TESB-24730)
  • TPS-2971 [7.0.1]tSalesForceConnection JWT flow does not work with Context group variable set for connection type Oauth (TUP-21903)
  • TPS-2918 [7.0.1]the tmap has lost many mappings due to name change (TUP-20333)
  • TPS-2944 [7.0.1]Problem with globalMap.get in tELTOracleOutput component (TUP-21944)
  • TPS-2956 [7.0.1]Job build fails with StackOverflowError when there is a large number of schema columns (TUP-22119,TUP-20312)
  • TPS-2919 [7.0.1]Bug in Camel-2.20 for setting UP File Idempotent Cache (TESB-24898)
  • TPS-2892 [7.0.1]Few customer jobs are failing with the error: Could not transfer artifact actions (TUP-21835)
  • TPS-2881 [7.0.1]Job Build hangs when the "-talendDebug" flag are enabled (TUP-21646)
  • TPS-2876 [7.0.1]The exception ?NoSuchDatabaseException:Database"xxxx"not found (TBD-8077)
  • TPS-2850 [7.0.1]Dynamic schema column type is always String in Runtime (TESB-22085)
  • TPS-2882 [7.0.1]Context is not recognized as context variable in ELT Map components and is not separated with string concat from SQL code (TUP-21164)
  • TPS-2865 [7.0.1] Fix regression on context from patch (TUP-21552)
  • TPS-2847 [7.0.1]'File Json' > 'Input Json' metadata does not show parent values in Preview with JsonPath (TDI-41176)
  • TPS-2836 [7.0.1]Wrong branch value in the jobs generated by CI (TUP-20223)
  • TPS-2794 [7.0.1][20181221] "talend-bigdata-launcher-1.2.0-20170410.jar" not found when spark job launched from standard job by jobserver (TBD-7933)
  • TPS-2832 [7.0.1][20181221] Unencoded "/" in secret key(TBD-8075)
  • TPS-2827 [7.0.1][20181228]compile error when create test case for big data batch job (TBD-8023)
  • TPS-2810 [7.0.1] Studio getting this errors frequently - "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Attempted to beginRule: R/, does not match outer scope rule: MultiRule[P/ENC_OP..." [TUP-20166]
  • TPS-2809 [7.0.1] Talend Studio very bad performances or stuck in Job Generation (Build) (TUP-21144)
  • TPS-2793 [7.0.1]Issue with POM/dependencies causing working jobs to suddenly fail with Could not find or load main class. (TUP-21127)
  • TPS-2792 [7.0.1][7.0.1]tDBConnection(Snowflake) issue within joblet(TUP-21105) (TUP-21105)
  • TPS-2768 [7.0.1] Create studio patch for Cloud
  • TPS-2748 [7.0.1] Create studio patch for APAC Cloud
  • TPS-2751 [7.0.1]Job containing salesforce components takes too much time to open (TUP-20837)
  • TPS-2757 [7.0.1]In studio Java Debugging of Routes fails (TUP-21005)
  • TPS-2771 [7.0.1]standard job tRulesurvivorship can not run on TIC,zip file get by build job which not check "Items" also can not run (TDQ-15215 TDQ-16048 TDQ-16031)
  • TPS-2741 [7.0.1]Can't import the data models if the data containers exist (TUP-20617)
  • TPS-2738 [7.0.1]Oracle Invalid Character with tSchemaComplianceCheck(TUP-20799)
  • TPS-2733 [7.0.1]Bad maven reference for apache-curator (TUP-20803)
  • TPS-2754 [7.0.1]Build Failure of Routes with cTalendJob (TESB-23854)
  • TPS-2726 [7.0.1] re-patch modification for TESB-23870
  • TPS-2707 [7.0.1]Routine editor mixed the code(TUP-20261)
  • TPS-2706 [7.0.1] tELTHiveMap generates a wrong query when the operator is used for any column in the source table (TUP-20739)
  • TPS-2740 [7.0.1]Publishjob : Exception : interface is not visible from class loader (TUP-20850)
  • TPS-2883 [7.0.1] Metadata Wizard with SSL cannot retrieve cluster settings (TUP-21777,TUP-20592)
  • TPS-2726 [7.0.1]Studio takes long time to build the jobs (TUP-20751)
  • TPS-2678 [7.0.1] Studio commits to remote repo, regardless of any changes locally(TUP-20620)
  • TPS-2687 [7.0.1]unable to retreive tables from AS400 (TUP-20164)
  • TPS-2675 [7.0.1] Studio displays nexus password if any artifact repository error (TUP-20625)
  • TPS-2651 [7.0.1] Performance issues in studio with cConfig component (TESB-22547)
  • TPS-2690 [7.0.1] 'Auto share git projects' error (TUP-20645)
  • TPS-2653 [7.0.1]Not able to run job with reference project joblet on remote job server (TUP-20526)
  • TPS-2654 [7.0.1] [Spark]Compile error on tUnite (TBD-6792)
  • TPS-2652 [7.0.1] Certificate error when running spark job with tdatapreprun (TBD-7422)
  • TPS-2645 [7.0.1] ON condition in tELTHiveMap join not working properly. (TBD-6701)
  • TPS-2661 [7.0.1]The Spark Job is published in TIC without special -libjars in (TUP-20163)
  • TPS-2636 [7.0.1]Error importing job containg tJDBC components from version 6.5 to version 7.0 (TUP-20239)
  • TPS-2639 [7.0.1]Metadata JDBC DB Connections Bug with context variables (TUP-20512)
  • TPS-2637 [7.0.1]duplicate copys of custom components uploaded to Nexus 3 (TUP-20505)
  • TPS-2586 [7.0.1]During deployment, mediation route to Write data to DynamoDB Gives Unsupported Object Error (TESB-22664)
  • TPS-2632 [7.0.1]SAM not working in tRESTClient in job called from route (TESB-22458) (amattes)
  • TPS-2621 [7.0.1]Changes are not Taken into account even when "regenerate job on changes is checked" with git (TUP-20462)
  • TPS-2613 [7.0.1]Joblet context parameters are disappearing from the main job context view(TUP-20474)
  • TPS-2588 [7.0.1]Garbled characters when select the preparation which the column name include Japanese(TUP-20389)
  • TPS-2620 [7.0.1]Import routines code in beans code (TUP-20493)
  • TPS-2624 [7.0.1] When doing extract as context for a tsalesforceinput, getting "UNEXPECTED_EXCEPTION" upon selecting the same connection created. (TUP-20492)
  • TPS-2584 [7.0.1]Lock user recognize both login and ldap ID (TUP-20356)
  • TPS-2593 [7.0.1]Prepare patch for cloud release
  • TPS-2571 [7.0.1][Talend 7] Error in job generation for job migrated form 6.5.1 / Works after a duplicate of the job (TUP-20326)
  • TPS-2549 [7.0.1] route build fails with cTalend job (TESB-22363 and TESB-22400)
  • TPS-2543 [7.0.1]We are unable to connect to the semantic-aware Analysis from studio Preferences in Talend 7. (TDQ-15357)
  • TPS-2551 [7.0.1]Error: Split class org.talend.hadoop.mapred.lib.TaggedInputSplit not found (TUP-20219)
  • TPS-2517 [7.0.1] Cannot build multiple jobs in Studio at the same time (TUP-20177)
  • TPS-2524 [7.0.1] SAP Metadata retrieval issue in infoobjects (TUP-20195)
  • TPS-2499 [7.0.1] Use of SAP JCO Version greater than 3.0.10 in Talend 7.0.1 causes initialization error (TUP-20115)
  • TPS-2482 [7.0.1]Patch update not working on 7.0.1 with Nexus 3 (TUP-20117)
  • TPS-2462 [7.0.1][7.0.1] ESB Studio / Commandline - Update 1 (TESB-21894) (TESB-21894)


Consider the following requirements for your system:

  • Talend Studio 7.0.1 must be installed.

  • To be able to publish docker images in studio, please set maven online mode in Preferences and publish it once to download several missing jars/poms, then switch back to offline mode.

  • When installing by update from TAC (Studio/Commandline), the first patch must be installed from Nexus 2 but not Nexus 3.

  • This patch includes TPS-2847, to be functional for it, should install requires patch TPS-2798 as well.

  • After the first patch is installed both Nexus 2 and Nexus 3 can be used in TAC for update.


Installing the patch using Software update

  1. Logon TAC and switch to Configuration->Software Update, fill correct value of it, save referring to the documentation:
  2. Switch to Software update page, could see the new patch, you can download patch from here (patch will store in nexus)
  3. On Studio side: delete directory /configuration/.m2/repository/org/talend/libraries/camel-core-2.20.1/
  4. On Studio Side: Logon Studio with remote mode, at logon page could see Update button, click this button, install the patch

Installing the patch using Talend Studio

  1. Create a folder named "patches" under your studio installer directory and copy the patch .zip file to this folder.
  2. Delete directory /configuration/.m2/repository/org/talend/libraries/camel-core-2.20.1/
  3. Restart your studio: a window pops up, then click OK to install the patch, or restart the commandline and the patch will be installed automatically.

Installing the patch using Commandline

Execute the following commands:

  1. Talend-Studio-win-x86_64.exe -nosplash -application org.talend.commandline.CommandLine -consoleLog -data commandline-workspace startServer -p 8002 --talendDebug
  2. initRemote {tac_url} -ul {TAC login username} -up {TAC login password}
  3. checkAndUpdate -tu {TAC login username} -tup {TAC login password}
  4. On Studio side: delete directory /configuration/.m2/repository/org/talend/libraries/camel-core-2.20.1/