Connecting to Snowflake - Cloud - 8.0

ELT Teradata

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Configure the tSnowflakeConnection component to connect to Snowflake.


  1. Double-click the tSnowflakeConnection component to open its Basic settings view.
  2. In the Account field, enter the account name assigned by Snowflake.
  3. In the Snowflake Region field, select the region where the Snowflake database locates.
  4. In the User Id and the Password fields, enter the authentication information accordingly.

    Note that this user ID is your user login name. If you do not know your user login name yet, ask the administrator of your Snowflake system for details.

  5. In the Warehouse field, enter the name of the data warehouse to be used in Snowflake.
  6. In the Schema field, enter the name of the database schema to be used.
  7. In the Database field, enter the name of the database to be used.