Connecting to Marketo using REST API - Cloud - 8.0


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Before you begin

Before connecting to Marketo using the REST API endpoint, you need to make sure a custom service, which provides credentials to authenticate with Marketo and allows you to access the data in Marketo, has been created and associated with a single API-only user by your Marketo administrator. For more information about the Marketo Custom Service, see Custom Services.


  1. Double-click the tMarketoConnection component to open its Basic settings view.
  2. In the Endpoint address field, enter the REST API endpoint URL that can be found on the Marketo Admin > Web Services panel.
  3. In the Client Access ID and Secret key fields, enter the client Id and client secret required to access Marketo.

    The client Id and client secret can be found on the Marketo Admin > LaunchPoint panel, by clicking View Details for the service to be accessed.