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  1. In the MDM Repository tree view, double-click Data Container > System > UpdateReport to open the UpdateReport view.
    An Update Report is a complete track of all create, update or delete actions on any master data.

    If the UpdateReport data container is not available, you may first have to import it from your MDM Server. For details of how to import system objects from the MDM Server to your local repository, see Importing server items from the MDM Server.

  2. Next to the Entity field of this view, click the button to search all the action records in the UpdateReport.
    Note that the Update entity does not necessarily mean that the corresponding action recorded is update, since it is just the entity name defined by the data model of UpdateReport and may record different actions including create, delete, and update.
  3. Locate the record that corresponds to your action of updating the data record as described in Updating a data record in a specific data container.
    The update report record will be routed to Event Manager, whose primary key is genericUI.1499236505686.