Inserting data into a database table and extracting useful information from it - Cloud - 8.0


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The scenario describes a Job that reads the employee data from a text file, inserts the data into a table of an MSSQL database, then extracts useful data from the table, and displays the information on the console.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talendコンポーネント.

This scenario involves the following components:

  • tMSSqlConnection: establishes a connection to the MSSQL server.

  • tFileInputDelimited: reads the input file, defines the data structure and sends it to the next component.

  • tMSSqlOutput: writes data it receives from the preceding component into a table of an MSSQL database.

  • tMSSqlInput: extracts data from the table based on an SQL query.

  • tLogRow: displays the information it receives from the preceding component on the console.

  • tMSSqlCommit: commits the transaction in the connected MSSQL server.