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ジョブデザインと開発 > サードパーティーシステム > DBコンポーネント > Oracle
データガバナンス > サードパーティーシステム > DBコンポーネント > Oracle
データクオリティとプレパレーション > サードパーティーシステム > DBコンポーネント > Oracle
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Before you begin

  • You have created the Oracle table and sequence.


  1. Double-click the tOracleOutput to open its Basic settings view.
  2. Define the Oracle connection details.
    In this example, the database connection details are stored in the Metadata folder of the Repository tree view.
  3. In the Table field, enter the name of the table into which the data will be written, in this example TABLE_PERSON.
  4. From the Action on table list, leave Default and from the Action on data list, select Insert to write the data.
  5. Click Sync columns to retrieve the schema from the preceding component.
  6. Click the Advanced settings tab to set the advanced parameters.
  7. In the Additional columns area, click the [+] to add a column as follows.
    • Type in "ID" in the Name field.
    • In the SQL expression cell, type in the SQL statement to be executed, "sequence_demo.NEXTVAL" in this example.
    • Select Before from the Position list and select name from the Reference column list.