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Processing (インテグレーション)

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ジョブデザインと開発 > サードパーティーシステム > 変換処理コンポーネント
データガバナンス > サードパーティーシステム > 変換処理コンポーネント
データクオリティとプレパレーション > サードパーティーシステム > 変換処理コンポーネント
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  1. Double-click tFixedFlowInput to display its Basic settings view.
  2. Click Edit schema to open the schema editor.
    Click the [+] button to add three columns, namely firstname, lastname and dept, with the type of string.
    Click OK to close the editor.
  3. Select the Use Inline Content option and enter the data below in the Content box:
  4. Click tWriteJSONField to display its Basic settings view.
    Select the Remove root node option to remove the root node setting from the JSON fields generated.
  5. Click Configure JSON Tree to open the XML tree editor.
    The schema of tFixedFlowInput appears in the Linker source panel.
  6. In the Linker target panel, click the default rootTag and type in staff, which is the root node of the JSON field to be generated.
  7. Right-click staff and select Add Sub-element from the context menu.
  8. In the pop-up box, enter the sub-node name, namely firstname.
    Repeat the steps to add two more sub-nodes, namely lastname and dept.
  9. Right-click firstname and select Set As Loop Element from the context menu.
  10. Drop firstname from the Linker source panel to its counterpart in the Linker target panel.
    In the pop-up dialog box, select Add linker to target node.
    Click OK to close the dialog box.
    Repeat the steps to link the two other items.
    Click OK to close the XML tree editor.
  11. Click Edit schema to open the schema editor.
  12. Click the [+] button in the right panel to add one column, namely staff, which will hold the JSON data generated.
    Click OK to close the editor.
  13. Double-click tLogRow to display its Basic settings view.
    Select Table (print values in cells of a table) for a better display of the results.