Configuring tFixedFlowInput in A_Call_BAPI - Cloud - 8.0


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Use the tFixedFlowInput component to generate the input data for the BAPI function, including the name of the table to be retrieved. In this scenario, configure the component to use a single table with four columns.


  1. Select the tFixedFlowInput component to open the Component > Basic settings tab.
  2. Ensure that you have selected Built-In from the Schema dropdown list.
  3. Click Edit schema to open the Schema of tFixedFlowInput window.
  4. Click [+] to add a column. Repeat the action four times.
  5. Modify the columns as follows:


  6. Click OK to save your changes and to populate the entries in the Values table.
  7. Set the value of each Column by clicking the corresponding Value field. Refer to the image in step 6 for the values to add.
    This scenario only retrieves the list of customers with names between F and G as shown in the image in step 6.
  8. Select Use Single Table mode in the Component > Basic settings tab.