Retrieving the SAP BW metadata and running the Job - Cloud - 8.0


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Add an SAP connection in Talend Studio and design the Job with the tSAPInfoCubeInput component to retrieve data from the SAP table.


  1. Access Talend Studio.
  2. Navigate to Metadata > SAP Connections and create a connection.
  3. Right-click the newly created connection and select Retrieve SAP BW metadata.
  4. Import the 0FIGL_C10 SAP table. After importing, the table appears under the SAP InfoCube folder.
  5. Create a Standard Job with the following components:
    • tSAPConnection
    • tLogRow
    • tFileOutputDelimited
  6. Drag the 0FIGL_C10 SAP table from the SAP InfoCube folder into the Job:
  7. Connect the components as shown in the previous step.
  8. Configure the 0FIGL_C10 tSAPInfoCubeInput component:
  9. Add your SAP connection details in the tSAPConnection component.
  10. Select the tFileOutputDelimited component and add the File Name details of the file where you want to store the output results after running the Job. You can find the File Name field in the Basic settings view.
  11. Click Run to execute the Job.
    When you open the file that you added in step 10, you retrieve the exact values exported from the SAP application table, 0FIGL_C10, as shown in step 3 of Checking BW Data Warehouse Workbench.