Using components to access SAP tables - Cloud - 8.0


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This section explains how to use Talend components to access SAP tables.

Talend offers many components which can leverage the RFC functionality. Talend does not support direct communication with SAP tables, it requires the generation of SAP Open SQL.


  1. Read the readme.txt file located at TalendInstallDirectory>\studio\plugins\org.talend.libraries.sap_******\resources.
  2. Install the function modules listed in the above figure.
    This is done by the SAP admin. With Talend Custom RFC Module, the caller can get more than 512B of data, which is the default limitation for the RFC module in SAP.
    Note: The name of the transport for installing the function modules may vary with product version. Check the readme.txt file for the exact transport name.
  3. Set “api.use_talend_z_read_table” to “true” in the SAP Properties for the tSAPTableInput component.
  4. Import the SAP Table metadata into Talend Studio.
    Once the metadata is retrieved, the same metadata can be reused for multiple jobs in the project.