Deleting a hierarchy - 7.0

Talend MDM Web UI User Guide

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Data Governance
You can delete any of the existing hierarchies.

Before you begin

The MDM server is already launched. At least one hierarchy has been created. You have been assigned a role with the appropriate user authorization and access rights. For further information, see Security.

Make sure that you have selected:

  • the data container that holds the master data you want to manage,
  • the data model against which the master data will be validated.

For further information, see Accessing data containers and data models.

About this task

To delete a hierarchy, complete the following:


  1. On the Menu panel, click Browse and then select Hierarchy Explorer.
    A new page opens.


  2. Click the Manage button to open the Manage Hierarchies dialog box.
    All of the existing hierarchies are listed.


  3. To delete a hierarchy, click the button in the hierarchy row.
    A confirmation dialog box pops up.
  4. Click Yes to delete the hierarchy directly or click No to cancel the deletion.