TPS-5190 (cumulative patch) - 8.0

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TPS-5190 (cumulative patch)

Info Value
Patch Name Patch_20220506_TPS-5190_v2-8.0.1
Release Date 2022-05-06
Target Version 20211109_1610-V8.0.1
Product affected Talend Data Stewardship


This patch is cumulative. It includes all previous generally available patches for Talend Data Stewardship 8.0.1.

NOTE: For information on how to obtain this patch, reach out to your Support contact at Talend.

New in 8.0.1-R2022-04


  • TDS-6554: Upgrade moment
  • TDS-6521: Spring4Shell - Bump TSBI (CVE-2022-22965; CVE-2022-22963)
  • TDS-6342: Bump TSBI 2.9.20 (No CVE)
  • TDS-6235: Reflected XSS in schema download endpoint (No CVE)
  • TDS-6366: Bump CVE (tika, rhino) (CVE-2019-10088)
  • TDS-6326: Bump log4j-core version (CVE-2021-45046, CVE-2021-45105)
  • TDS-6350: Bump log4j-core version to 2.17.1 (CVE-2021-44832)
  • TDS-6257: Bump Netty/Codec version (CVE-2021-37136, CVE-2021-37137)
  • TDS-6318: Bump log4j-core version (CVE-2021-44228)


  • TDS-6558: fix on prem issue
  • TDS-6505: Rules cannot be displayed on a campaign when a rule was republished and the jar removed
  • TDS-6243: Entities blocked in TDS in Resolved as TDS doesnt take + in the value in account
  • TDP-10944: bump semantic types package to 14.0.2
  • TDS-6437: forbidden resource redirect to 403 page
  • TDS-6408: use me language for hybrid
  • TDS-6485: rule menus only available on cloud
  • TDS-6230: fix wrongly translated 'NOT_EXECUTABLE' in tds
  • TDS-6281: When a task has been marked ready for validation, the label in the audit track is strange
  • TDS-6463: fix typings after ui-scripts bump
  • TDS-5983: fix the not rotating icon on Firefox
  • TDS-6465: fixing guided tour in steward display
  • TDS-6435: redirect on 401 when not logged in
  • TDS-6386: Uncolored link (Firefox)
  • TDS-6443: using locale from properties on prem
  • TDS-6392: fixes on angular modal style
  • TDS-6142: campaign/task list filter sort in local storage
  • TDS-6213: use React to bootstrap the webapp
  • TDS-6352: migrate toggle component
  • TDS-6351: rework playground whitespace


  • TDS-6213: mocking application context for onprem
  • TDS-6075: Extract campaign size metrics from production stacks
  • TDS-6101: Create a task in an empty campaign
  • TDS-6212: Proxy to application-details (IAM)
  • TDS-6212: Proxy to pendo (IAM)
  • TDS-6223: integrate XLTS angular deps + npm switch
  • TDS-5535: migrate to ListComposition for tasks/campaigns
  • TDS-6093: migrate Guided tour component to React
  • TDS-5847: add Guided tour for data model
  • TDS-5867: update Guided tour on Tasks view
  • TDS-6107: migrate Notification component to React
  • TDS-6150: add notification on campaigns and data models


  • TDS-6313: Data Stewardship no longer uses Config service as provider of MongoDB URI/credentials
  • TDS-6054: Improve logs to facilitate debugging
  • TDS-6181: chore remove frontend and review version management
  • TDS-6436: error log schema
  • TDS-6309: fixing variable css


Consider the following requirements for your system:

  • Talend Data Stewardship 8.0.1 must be installed.


1- Stop TDS

- Go to <install_dir>/tds
- Stop TDS server

2- Backup TDS

- Copy/move <install_dir>/tds/ folder content to a safe place

3- Apply patch

- Copy data-history-service.war to <install_dir>/tds/apache-tomcat/app
- Copy data-stewardship-core.war to <install_dir>/tds/apache-tomcat/app
- Copy data-stewardship-frontend.war to <install_dir>/tds/apache-tomcat/app
- Copy data-stewardship-gateway.war to <install_dir>/tds/apache-tomcat/app
- Copy data-stewardship-monitoring-service.war to <install_dir>/tds/apache-tomcat/app
- Copy schema-service.war to <install_dir>/tds/apache-tomcat/app
- Delete content of <install_dir>/tds/apache-tomcat/webapps/ folder

5- Start TDS

- Go to <install_dir>/tds
- Restart TDS server