Setting up links to other Talend suite Web applications - 7.3

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Talend DQ Portal is deprecated from Talend 7.1 onwards.

If you have other Talend web applications like Talend DQ Portal and Talend MDM Web UI, you can access them from Talend Administration Center.

About this task

To set the link to the corresponding web application, complete the following:


  1. In the Menu tree view, click Configuration to open the corresponding page.
  2. Expand Talend suite and then click in the line corresponding to the web application to which you want to set the link.
  3. Set the parameters as the following:



    Data Quality portal

    Type in the URL to Talend DQ Portal web application.

    For example,


    The default URL to Drools Kie Workbench is kie-drools-wb.

    You can change it to http://<hostname>:<port>/kie-drools-wb where <hostname> is the IP address/hostname and <port> is the port of the application server on which Talend Administration Center is installed.

    For example, if the URL address corresponding to the location of Talend Administration Center is


    Type in the URL to Talend MDM Web UI web application.

    For example,


Once the links are set, the corresponding modules display on the Menu of Talend Administration Center and in the Welcome page. You can simply click one of them to access the corresponding web application or page.