Accessing data containers and data models - 7.1

Talend Open Studio for MDM Web UI User Guide

Talend Open Studio for MDM
Talend MDM Web UI
Data Governance

Talend MDM Web UI allows you to access the data container that holds the master data you want to manage and the data model against which the master data will be validated.

One data container uniquely corresponds to one data model and they must have the same name. For further information on data containers and data models, see the Talend Studio User Guide.

The following example demonstrates how to access the data model Product and data container Product from the Talend MDM Web UI.

Before you begin

  • The MDM server is up and running.

  • You have imported the MDM demo project, deployed the MDM objects required, and loaded data into the Product data container.

  • You have logged in to the Talend MDM Web UI. For more information about how to open the web user interface, see Opening Talend MDM Web UI.


  1. In the upper right corner of the web page, click the button to show the Actions panel.
  2. In the Domain Configuration area, select the Product data container or Product data model from the list.


    The corresponding data model or data container with the same name will be selected automatically.
    If you selected a data container (or data model), but the corresponding data model (or data container) cannot be found, the automatic selection will not be performed.
    If multilingual descriptions have been defined for a data model, you can move your mouse pointer over the data model or its corresponding data container to view in a tooltip the localized description corresponding to the selected locale.
    For more information about how to define multilingual descriptions for a data model, see Talend Studio User Guide.
  3. Click the Save button to save your selection.
  4. View the welcome page that is displayed in the center with multiple widgets.
    The Welcome page provides direct links to getting started pages in the web user interface such as Master Data Browser and Journal.



You can now access the information pertaining to the selected data container using the Menu panel on the left hand side of the page. Any modification of master data will be validated against the selected data model.