TPS-4859 - 7.3

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Patch Name Patch_20210625_TPS-4859_v1-7.3.1
Release Date 2021-06-25
Target Version 20200219_1130-V7.3.1
Product affected Jaspersoft Administrator Center


This patch is individual. It includes all released fixes on R2021-05 for Administrator Center 7.3.1.

NOTE: To download this patch, liaise with your Support.


Consider the following requirements for your system:

  • Administrator Center 7.3.1 must be installed.


  1. Stop the Tomcat.
  2. Create a patch directory
  3. Unzip patch file you received from support into the directory, then unzip the org.jasper.administrator.war file as org.japser.administrator folder.
  4. Create a backup directory
  5. Copy folder <Tomcat>/webapps/org.jasper.administrator into the backup directory.
  6. In <Tomcat>/webapps/ directory, remove the previous org.jasper.administrator folder, then copy the org.jasper.administrator folder from step3 and paste in the current directory.
  7. Restore the configuration by replacing <Tomcat>/webapps/org.jasper.administrator/WEB-INF/classes/ and with ones from your backup directory.


    • If db is H2 db and embedded in web folder (<Tomcat>/webapps/org.jasper.administrator/WEB-INF/database by default), don't forget to restore H2 db by replacing this folder with the exact corresponding folder from your backup directory.
    • If work with SSO, you should restore the IDP Metadata file (<Tomcat>/webapps/org.jasper.administrator/WEB-INF/classes/IDPMetadata.xml) from your backup directory.
  8. Restart the Tomcat.


    • It's recommended to clear browser cache after patch were applied.
    • Added the Jobserver connection timeout param: "jobserverClient.port.timeout", please update it in configuration table when met the timeout error(unit is millisecond).