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Talend Data Stewardship Console is a web-based data stewardship tool that helps manage manual data resolution, provided either within Talend MDM Web User Interface or as a stand-alone application. For more information, see The mode of Talend Data Stewardship Console.

Talend Data Stewardship Console lists tasks related to data resolution and data integrity issues. These tasks need manual intervention of an administrator or an authorized steward to be resolved.

Talend Data Stewardship Console allows an administrator or an authorized steward to:

  • visualize a list of data resolution and data integrity tasks that represents the problematic results of the data integrity processes and matching operations done on data across heterogeneous sources. For further information about the management of the task list, see Menus and menu items.

  • merge, compare and resolve the data records that are held in these tasks.

    For further information on how to resolve data records, see Resolving data conflicts and data problems.