How to assign a tag to a task - 6.5

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Talend Data Stewardship Console offers the ability to assign one or more of the listed tags to a specific task in the task list. This enables you to create a light weight categorization of tasks in your task list.

Tags can also be assigned to a task automatically via the tStewardshipTaskOutput component. For further information, see the tStewardshipOutput section in the Talend Components Reference Guide.

However, you can also assign a tag to a task manually from the data stewardship console. For instance, you could create a tag named CRM and assign that tag to all tasks dealing with data problems in the CRM. You could then list all the tasks tagged with CRM in the task list in Talend Data Stewardship Console.

Prerequisite(s): You have logged in to Talend Data Stewardship Console. At least one tag is defined and inserted under the Tags node in the Task Navigator panel.

To assign a tag to a task in the task list, complete the following:

  1. In the task list, select the check box(es) of the task(s) for which you want to assign one or more tags.

  2. On the menu bar, click Tags to display a contextual menu.

  3. Select the check box(es) of the tag(s) you want to assign to the task(s).


    If you want to clear the selected check boxes and restart tag assignment, click Reset.

  4. Click Apply.

    A message pops up to confirm that the assignment operation ended successfully.

  5. Click OK to close the message.

You can now filter the task list to display only the tasks that are associated with the same tag. For information on how to list all the tasks associated with a specific tag, see How to list the tasks that have the same tag.