Changing a task status - 6.5

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The status of all listed tasks is New by default. This status is automatically changed to Resolved when the data steward merge/resolve the data in the data record associated with the task.

When required, an administrator can change the status of a task via the Status menu in the stewardship console.

Prerequisite(s): You have logged in to Talend Data Stewardship Console. At least one task is listed in your task list.

To change a task status, complete the following:

  1. From the task list, select the check box of the task of which you want to change the status.

  2. On the menu bar, click the arrow next to the Status menu.

    A contextual menu is displayed.

  3. Select the status you want to assign to the selected task.

    An information bar is displayed to show the progress of the operation and then the task status is changed accordingly in the Status column.