Logging in to the stewardship console embedded in Talend MDM Web User Interface - 6.5

Talend Data Stewardship Console User Guide

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For further information on how to install the stewardship console when installing the MDM server, see the Talend Installation Guide.

Prerequisite(s): The MDM server is already launched. A login and password have been provided to you by the MDM administrator or a manager has allowed you access to Talend MDM Web User Interface.


The default user/administrator authentication information to Talend MDM Web User Interface is user/user and administrator/administrator respectively.

To access the stewardship console, complete the following:

  1. Log in to Talend MDM Web User Interface. For more information, see the Talend MDM Web User Interface User Guide.

    Your web browser opens the main page of Talend MDM Web User Interface.

  2. In the Menu panel, click Govern and then click Data Stewardship to display the page where you can manage data resolution and data integrity tasks.


When you access the Talend Data Stewardship Console, you will be able to see only the tasks that are assigned to you unless you log in as an administrator, then you can see all the tasks available in the task list. For further information, see Task types and assignments and Assigning a task.

For further information about the menus and options you can see in this page, see Menus and menu items.