The differences between Unique match, First match and All matches - 7.1


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This article uses examples to illustrate the differences of the three match models.

These three match models mentioned in the title are provided by the tMap component when this component is used to perform the JOIN (Inner Join / Left Outer Join) operation over the data from homogeneous or heterogeneous sources.

The following example shows how to use the match models with the tMap component.

When writing this article, we assume that you have been familiar with Talend intuitive interface and thus is able to create Talend Jobs with components and links.

For further information about how to create a Talend Job, see ../../studios/di-esb-bd/en/c-getting_started_with_a_basic_job.html.

For further information about the tMap component, see tMap and ../../studios/di-esb-bd/en/c-tmap_operation.html.