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Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer allows you to visualize the live status of existing engines and their run profiles at a glance. This information can help you decide which engine to be used at execution time.

See the Talend Cloud Management Console User Guide for more information on how to create the engine and its profiles from Talend Cloud Management Console.

Before executing a pipline, you need to select a run profile that is a pre-defined and pre-configured execution environment.
Here are the information you can find in the [Select a run profile] window:
  • Name: Display name of the run profile created in Talend Cloud Management Console.
  • Type: Type of run profile, read Run profiles for more information.
  • Engine name: Display name of the engine created in Talend Cloud Management Console.
  • Running: How many pipelines are currently running, out of the maximum number that can be run in parallel.
  • Queued: How many pipelines are waiting to be run, out of a bounded queue.