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In Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer, notification messages automatically pop up to let you know about various useful information related to the operations you performed in the web application.

What are they about and how are they displayed?

These notifications inform you about:
  • green notifications: information about successful events such as saved configuration, created/edited connections, started and successful executions of your pipelines, etc.

  • red notifications: errors such as failed pipelines executions, configuration errors, etc. In these notifications, you can click on the VIEW LOGS link to access the detailed logs of your pipeline. For more information, see Logs in Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer.

How can I access them?

Notifications pop up on your screen and automatically close after a few seconds.

However, if you did not have time to read them, click the bell icon on the top toolbar to open the Notification Center window:
  • : indicates that new unread notifications are available

  • : allows you to access already read notifications, if any. If not, the message No notification found will be displayed.

For more information about how to use notifications to debug a pipeline, see Using notifications and logs to debug a pipeline.