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In the LOGS window, logs are organized in different levels:
  • INFO: informational messages that highlight the progress of the application (successful initialization, service or cluster start and stop, configuration assumptions, etc).

  • WARN: events that can potentially cause some problems in the application, such as exceptions, loss of connectivity, retrying some operations, etc. These events can be recovered and give hints to the users on potential subsequent errors.

  • ERROR: error events that prevent you to perform operations but might still allow the application to continue running (invalid syntax used in a processor, etc.). These errors are useful for users who want to intervene to investigate a problem, after a failure of a pipeline execution for example. For more information, see Using notifications and logs to debug a pipeline.

From the menu bar of the LOGS window, you can:
  • filter your logs according to the different levels, for example to only display ERROR log messages.
  • enter terms directly in the Search bar among the 1000 latest log rows.
  • export logs.