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Talend Pipeline Designer allows you to preview your data anywhere in the pipeline. The Source – the first pipeline item, and the Destination – the last pipeline item, both hold your dataset sample.

Where can I preview the final state of my data?

The final state of your data can be previewed by clicking the last processor of the pipeline, before the Destination.

What data do I see in the Destination?

Like the Source element, if you click the Destination element in your pipeline, you will always get the sample of the underlying dataset.

For example, if you are sending data into a dataset, you can click the Destination element on your pipeline to see the original dataset, and then click Refresh after running the pipeline to see the updated dataset sample.

Original dataset sample (before pipeline execution and sample refresh):
Updated dataset sample (after pipeline execution) that you can also access by editing or viewing the dataset from the Datasets page of the application:

Additional information about the Destination dataset

Find below some additional information about the behaviour of the Destination dataset:

If you click the Destination and..


the Destination dataset is empty, for example because the ingestion pipeline you are designing was never executed

no data is displayed since there is nothing in the sample yet.

However, clicking the last processor before the Destination will display the preview data.

the pipeline was executed before and you modified it

the last data populated is displayed, which may be different - or even very different from the preview.

the Destination dataset was populated by another pipeline before, or by another user

the data displayed might be very different from the preview.

To summarize, clicking the Destination element in the pipeline displays the data that is currently held in the selected dataset. It may help you identify errors or unexpected results.