Building the Job and deploying it in Talend Runtime Container - 7.1

Executing Jobs

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Deployment > Deploying > Executing Jobs


  1. Press Ctrl + S to save the Job.
  2. Start the Talend Runtime Container.
  3. In the Repository tree view of your Talend Studio, right-click the Job and from the contextual menu select Build Job to open the Build Job dialog box.
  4. Select OSGI Bundle For ESB from the Select the build type drop-down list.
  5. Click the Browse button next to the To archive file field to specify where you will store the Job archive file. In this example, we will export the Job directly to the deploy folder <TalendRuntimePath>/container/deploy so that the Job can be run immediately in Talend Runtime after being exported.
    For more information about how to build a Job, see Talend Studio User Guide.
  6. Click Finish to close the Build Job dialog box.
    As you can see on the Talend Runtime Container console, the Job starts to run immediately after being deployed and the data in the student table is retrieved and displayed on the console.