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This document lists the mediation examples provided by Talend ESB.

The samples folder of the Talend ESB download contains examples that are provided by the Apache Camel project, as well as Talend ESB-specific examples showing multiple usages of Camel routing. Each Talend ESB sample has its own README file providing a full description of the sample along with deployment information using embedded Jetty or Talend Runtime Container. The examples provided by the Apache Camel project and bundled with the Talend ESB are listed and explained on the Camel website (http://camel.apache.org/examples.html). The following table provides a summary of additional mediation examples provided in the Talend ESB distribution.




Provides an example of deploying Camel routes as an OSGi bundle in the container.


EAI patterns example demonstrating use of the Claim Check, Splitter, Reswquencer and Delayer patterns.


Shows how a JAX-RS service can be offered an used with Camel transports.


Shows how to publish and call a CXF service using SOAP/JMS using Camel as a CXF transport.


Example shows how to leverage Spring Security to secure Camel routes in general and also specifically when combined with CXF JAX-WS and JAX-RS endpoints.