How to filter by Job name - 6.1

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To filter Jobs listed in the Repository tree view by Job name, complete the following:

  1. In the Studio, click the icon in the upper right corner of the Repository tree view and select Filter settings from the contextual menu.

    The [Repository Filter] dialog box displays.

  2. Select the Filter By Name check box.

    The corresponding field becomes available.

  3. Follow the rules set below the field when writing the patterns you want to use to filter the Jobs.

    In this example, we want to list in the tree view all Jobs that start with tMap or test.

  4. In the [Repository Filter] dialog box, click OK to validate your changes and close the dialog box.

    Only the Jobs that correspond to the filter you set are displayed in the tree view, those that start with tMap and test in this example


You can switch back to the by-default tree view, which lists all nodes, Jobs and items, by simply clicking the icon . This will cause the green plus sign appended on the icon to turn to a minus red sign ().