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The toolbar contains icons that provide you with quick access to the commonly used operations you can perform from Talend Studio main window.


The icons on the toolbar differ slightly according to what you are working with: a Business Model or a Job.

The table below describes the toolbar icons and their functions.





Saves current job design.

Save as

Saves as another new Job.

Export items

Exports repository items to an archive file, for deploying outside Talend Studio. Instead if you intend to import the exported element into a newer version of Talend Studio or of another workstation, make sure the source files are included in the archive.

Import items

Imports repository items from an archive file into your current Talend Studio. For more information regarding the import/export items feature, see How to import items.

Find a specific job

Displays the relevant dialog box that enables you to open any Job listed in the Repository tree view.

Run job

Executes the Job currently shown on the design space. For more information about job execution, see Handling Job execution.


Launches the relevant creation wizard. Through this menu, you can create any repository item including Business models, Job Designs, contexts, routines and metadata entries.

Project settings

Launches the [Project Settings] dialog box. From this dialog box, you can add a description to the current Project and customize the Palette display. For more information, see Customizing project settings.

Detect and update all jobs

Searches for all updates available for your Jobs.

Export Talend projects

Launches the [Export Talend projects] wizard. For more information about project export, see How to export a project.