How to change specific component settings (Talend > Components) - 6.1

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You can modify some specific component settings such as the default mapping link display.

The following procedure applies to the external components and to the components included in the Studio. For the preferences specific to the user components, see How to define the user component folder (Talend > Components).

To modify those specific components settings, proceed as follows:

  1. In the tree view of the [Preferences] dialog box, expand the Talend node and select Components.

  2. From the Default mapping links display as list, select the mapping link type you want to use in the tMap.

  3. Under tRunJob, select the check box if you do not want the corresponding Job to open upon double clicking a tRunJob component.


    You will still be able to open the corresponding Job by right clicking the tRunJob component and selecting Open tRunJob Component.

  4. Under Component Assist, select the Enable Component Creation Assistant check box if you want to be able to add a component by typing its name in the design workspace. For more information, see Adding components to the Job.

  5. Click Apply and then OK to validate the set preferences and close the dialog box.

This configuration is stored in the metadata of the workspace. If the workspace of Talend Studio changes, you have to reset this configuration again.