Migrating your projects and generating reports - 7.0

Talend Data Fabric Migration and Upgrade Guide

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Installation and Upgrade

If you migrated to a newer version of Talend Administration Center and want to retrieve your existing projects, you may want to migrate these projects. Talend Administration Center allows you to select the projects to be migrated and to generate corresponding reports using the Talend CommandLine applications.

The Migration Check page of Talend Administration Center allows you to:
  • connect the previous version of your Talend CommandLine application to the new one
  • migrate each existing project
  • generate and download a report for each migration

Note that you can also migrate projects and generate reports directly from Talend CommandLine thanks to the migrationCheck and generateMigrationReport command. For more information about these commands, display the Help provided in Talend CommandLine. For more information on Talend CommandLine, see the Talend CommandLine appendix in Talend Administration Center User Guide.