Data Preparation: new features - 7.3

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Feature Description
tDataprepRun This component can now display the path of each preparation when choosing an existing preparation.
Magic Fill The possibilities offered by the Magic Fill function have been improved. In addition to the substring transformations and the addition of constants, the function is now also able to modify the case of your data, and detect semantic transformations for countries, states, emails, URLs, US postal codes and dates. You can easily convert state codes to full state names, extract email domains, or extract the day of the week from a full date for example.
Improved performances Statistics computations are now performed asynchronously, which allows an improvement of about 25% in performances when applying functions on a preparation. The gain is particularly noticeable in the following cases:
  • Joining two datasets using the lookup button
  • Retrieving more rows matching a filter with the Fetch more button
Enhanced profiling capabilities From the profiling area of your datasets, you can now access all the values of your charts and patterns, and not just the 15 first values. Which means that you can detect data quality issues by easily spoting low-frequency patterns in the data.