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Note about issues with the support for Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)
  • When you try to import Avro and Parquet formats with Sqoop in JAVA API mode, an error can be returned. If you experience an error, you can contact Talend.
  • When you try to connect Impala with Kerberos and SSL enabled, an error is returned.
MapR 6.0 connection on Windows You need to add the following properties to the Studio startup .ini file to ensure successful connection to MapR 6.0:
  • -Dhadoop.login=hybrid
  • -Djava.library.path=/opt/mapr/lib

Related issue:

Dynamic distribution JAR files

When defining a dynamic distribution, users need to set up their local Nexus repositories to store the dynamic distribution jar files to be downloaded.

The area to be used for this setup has been moved to the General > Artifact Proxy Setting view in the Project Settings dialog box.